WishTips - wish lists that make gift giving fun WishTips - wish lists that make gift giving fun WishTips - wish lists that make gift giving fun
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Scare your friends with Halloween gifts!
  Happy Halloween
WishTips.com usually lists only wish list items from others. This Halloween, however, we want to GIVE things away too! Since we are in the wish business we know what people want -- and this Halloween it is FREE sound effects!

We have a free download of a Halloween Sound Effects track that was made by our family for Halloween night. Feel free to download and use on your front doorstep.

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Having a Bridal/Baby Shower?
You can now use WishTips to create your own gift registry! Now you can create registries or wish lists that do not limit you to one specific store! Your friends and family will mark the gifts that they want to get you so that there are no duplicate gifts.
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If you have a party coming up and you need some ideas for it, check out our Ideas page.  We offer articles regarding gift ideas, party ideas and more! 

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"WishTips.com has made the holiday gift giving season so much fun. What once was a chore is now a fun outing. I can't wait for my family to see what I have gotten for them!"
--John (Provo, Utah, USA)
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How can WishTips.com benefit you?
Wish Lists

WishTips.com lets you create personal wish lists and wish lists for other people.

Gift Registry

WishTips.com lets you create a gift registry that is not limited to one store.  Now you can choose items for your gift registry from any store.  Simply provide the registry code with invitations and let people pick and choose the gift ideas you provided.

Bridal Shower

WishTips.com lets you create a gift registry for you or for someone else.

Baby Shower

Gift registries are ever popular for showers. You can create your own baby shower registry for the things you need. Can't get together for the baby shower, have a virtual. Send the registry to family and friends.


Parties can be enhanced by our gift registry service. We also post articles with great party ideas. If you have some ideas you would like to share with the rest of us, you may do so in our online forums.


Creating Wish Lists is the main purpose


You will love to do your birthday and holiday shopping. Getting gifts has never been so enjoyable


We step you through the proces of creating lists and sharing those lists with others.


Wish lists can include more than just gifts. You can include real life wishes on your list.


Everything on WishTips is free. Thus, if this were downloadable software, it would be called freeware.


Gift giving and wish list ideas are like a game!


When you know the gifts that people want, the gift shopping process takes only minutes rather than hours.


WishTips.com is 100% Free and Online. You don't have to download anything program to get the full features of WishTips.


Enjoy the holiday gift giving season more by knowing what presents your friends and family already want. No more spending hours in crowded shopping malls trying to decide what to get for someone. Know what they want and go directly to the store or online retailer and buy the item. Come home and enjoy the holidays.