WishTips - wish lists that make gift giving fun WishTips - wish lists that make gift giving fun WishTips - wish lists that make gift giving fun
With WishTips you can promote your own website, or generate income or prizes by promoting ours.

  • Win Gifts by Referring Friends to WishTips

  • Placing ads on your website for WishTips

  • Creating an [Add to Cart] feature for your website

  • Add Wish List functionality to your website today - for FREE!

    Do you have a website where you offer items for sale? Well, now you can add a Wish List functionality to your website in just a few simple steps.

    Why use WishTips wish list features?

  • Your customers are not limited.
    When people are forced to create wish lists for only one website, they never come back to it. They want more things that any website could offer. With WishTips, they can store anything, thus they come back to their list all of the time - and they see the items from YOUR website.
  • Your site is linked on their list.
    WishTips automatically links their wish to your website. After your item is added to their wishlist, they can click on a link that takes them directly to your website where that item is found and can be ordered.
  • Your customers share your website with others.
    WishTips are meant to be shared. WishTips members share their wish lists with many other people - often they use WishTips as a gift registry for showers, weddings, and other special events. This means the items they link to from your website will go to many different potential customers!
  • Your website is listed on WishTips.com
    WishTips.com maintains a shopping guide of Internet Websites (and their description) that are enabled for WishTips wish lists. You get incoming links and traffice driven to your website - for FREE.

  • With our "Add to Wish Tips" link generator you simply fill in the details of the items you sell on your website - and we generate the code for you. It's that simple!

    Fill in the information for your item(s), then copy the html code and paste it on your web page.

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