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WishTips.com gives holiday shoppers something to sing about

Press Release

New WishTips.com features help gift seekers in their quest for holiday days by facilitating the creation of gift wish lists and gift registries.

Provo, UTAH.11 Nov 2006Anthem Flag & Gift (http://www.AnthemFlag.com) has launched a free Gift Wish List website called WishTips.com (http://www.WishTips.com).  The new web site allows users to create a wish list for themselves and for others.  The easy-to-use interface allows people to quickly add items to their list that comes into their mind throughout the day.  The items in their list can optionally be given a Wish Ranking that indicates how badly the person wants to receive the item.  Descriptions, website URLs, and price estimates are additional optional fields of information that can be stored on a wish list item.

Once lists are created they can be shared with friends and family.  Users can provide email addresses of those who will be invited to their list and WishTips.com will send invitations to those addresses within seconds.  Users can track who has accepted and rejected their invitations.  Repeat invitations can be sent upon the user's request.

Wish lists are not a new concept, however the internet adaptation of the wish list idea is growing in online communities.  John Andersen, inventor of the new website, says that the site was originally prompted by conversations with his wife. He explains that on every birthday or gift giving holiday his wife would have to plan a wish list on paper for herself, spouse, and children.  This list was then given out to family members who expressed interest in receiving gift ideas for the family.  Once the list was given out, however, it was hard to add items to it because she would have to contact everyone with the addition.  Furthermore, if she wanted to purchase one of the items for the family herself, she would have to contact those who received the list to make sure they hadn't already bought it.  She also had to coordinate the purchases between list holders.  If her mother-in-law wanted to purchase an item on one of the lists she had to contact her mother and her brother to tell them that the item was already selected by someone else.  This made the gift giving process more of a stress than an enjoyment.

WishTips.com was designed to help alleviate the problems experienced by Amber and millions of others.  It's purpose is to make the gift giving process more enjoyable.  Once a user has shared a wish list, their list buddies can claim items on the list or even mark them as purchased.  This status is shown to all those who are shared with the list so that duplicate gifts are easily avoided.  To preserve the surprise element of the process, list owners themselves cannot see the status of items in their own list. 

The website also provides forums and articles for gift ideas, party tips and suggestions for improvements to WishTips.com itself.  Here, people can collaborate and share ideas with one another.  As the forums and articles grow, WishTips.com will become a large repository of gift and party information that people can refer to whether or not they use the free wish list features.

For those looking at having a bridal or baby shower, WishTips.com can also be used as a gift registry service.  Contrary to most store gift registries, WishTips.com is not confined to a particular store or establishment.  Registered gift ideas can be anything the user wants to add.  With the gift registry feature, the wish list doesn't have to be shared with select people.  Instead, a registry code is created that can be shared in party/event invitations where anyone with the code can view and claim items on the list.

For those that are intimidated by internet technology, WishTips.com offers a help center wherein documentation and flash tutorials are provided for some of the more frequently used tasks.  Some of the tutorials cover sharing a list, creating a bookmark to WishTips.com that allows you to add items from any website automatically to your wish list, and creating an additional list.

Finally, for website owners, WishTips.com has created HTML code snippets wherein webmaster can embed the WishTips.com wish list features into their own online store.

The creators of WishTips.com hope that this service will be beneficial to all who wish to give what people really want and to make the gift giving process more enjoyable and less time consuming. 

About WishTips.com

WishTips.com (http://www.WishTips.com) is an independent website that is funded and managed by Anthem Flag & Gift (http://www.AnthemFlag.com) - based in Provo, Utah.

Press Contacts

John Andersen
Anthem Flag & Gift
E-mail: john (at) anthemflag (dot) com


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